The Success story of the Oasesbox Lemon Tree.

Lemon Tree Success with Oasesbox

Two years ago I rescued a lemon tree from an Aldi sale. It was a bit short on foliage but had one full grown lemon. I treasured that lemon until the cat swiped it across the conservatory floor. I took this opportunity to re-pot it. Despite my best efforts leaves came and went, as did the odd flower and tiny lemon. The second year I re-potted again (in an expensive National Trust pot) and fed it with a specialist fertilizer. The growth, or rather the lack of it, was repeated.

Oasesbox Succeeds where others fail.

Then came Oasesbox to the rescue! Since the tree’s third re-potting in the Oasesbox it has gone from strength to strength. You can see from the photos the leaf growth this year (new growth is the bright green, larger leaves). It was full of heavily scented blossom in the early spring and it is now supporting five or six lemons of about 5cm in length. I have fed the plant by adding a specialist citrus feed directly to the water reservoir in the Oasesbox.

Holidays can’t defeat the power of Oasesbox

‘We have been away on holiday twice since planting in the Oasesbox and the tree is thriving. I am now on cat watch, eagerly awaiting its first slice of homegrown lemon.’
“Mr Andy Darnely -Staffs  United Kingdom!”