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In the beginning… I am so keen to begin gardening, but January is not the best time to work outside in the UK when you don’t have a greenhouse. However, the Oasesboxes have been great to start my gardening adventure and ease my impatience. Yesterday I planted my first box, after checking the instructions  https://oasesboxgardening.co.uk/instructions/ […]

The Benefits of Containers, Pots and Grow Bags

There is a wonderful website https://www.tomatogrowing.co.uk/ The Benefits Of Growing Tomatoes in Containers Most gardeners in the UK grow their tomatoes in containers. Not surprising given the benefit. Containers can be placed anywhere around the garden or patio. Follow Nick’s advise together with Oasesbox you never look back

Giant Onions grown in Self-Watering Planter

Giant Onions grown in Self-Watering Planter Having been to an exhibition and a gentleman approached me what my thought were in respect of growing giant onions in our Oasesbox. Initial thought I do not know. Thinking what Onions needs, loads of Water. 15 Litres should be enough. In 2020 we have grown giant onions successfully